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Ever had a whole box of cookies sitting in the basement for so long that you forgot it existed? Ever opened your fridge to see mould on cheese or a cucumber that has gone bad? According to the Healthy Harvest Food Bank, 146 million tons of food end up in landfills in the U.S. each year. This website called "My Food Savers" will allow you to stay on top of expiration dates, which in turn, reduces overall food waste.

This website will keep track of all the food and groceries you have at your house that you input into it. All you need to do is select a food category, add the food item and add its expiry date, and the website will send you multiple email alerts prior to its expiration so that you can consume it before it goes bad! The website sets the default expiry dates for fresh produce, such as vegetables and fruits, but you can always change the expiry dates yourself. Optionally, you may include an image of your food by uploading an image taken on your phone. Using the link in the email alerts, you can update the status of the food.

The goal of this website is to allow people like you to enjoy food in its prime state, as well as reducing food waste. You can also consider donating your extra food directly to food banks or by dropping them off in local food drive boxes at local grocery stores or fire stations.

My Food Savers helps create a world with less food waste and more people having the ability to enjoy fresh food!

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Annie Y.

Founder oF My Food Savers
About the Founder / The Story :
My Food Savers was founded by Annie Y., a passionate and action-driven high school student in Toronto, Canada.
The idea of this website first sparked into her head after numerous encounters with stale bread, sour milk, and rotten cheese. Seeing so much food suddenly goes to waste at once made her feel frustrated and sad. She kept trying to think of what she could do to prevent problems as such from occurring in the future.
That was, until she dug through the overfilled fridge to find a carton of milk that expired 5 days ago. It was in the middle of summer, and as you would expect, it had gone sour. Driven by action and a will to create a change in the world where food waste is significant and only becomes a larger problem with each passing day, Annie thought about ways to reduce the food waste present in the world, and came up with this website, My Food Savers, a website where the power to benefit each individual and the potential to ameliorate a global issue intersect.